Intercoms are an efficient way to identify who is calling you from your premises without you having to be present physically. Intercoms can be video/audio or just audio. They are modular systems which can be expanded to include multiple doors and door stations. They can be integrated with other security products such as CCTV, Access Control and Lift Control Systems to provide an additional level of protection at your premises.

We also offer IP Intercom Systems. These systems distribute audio and video signals on a computer network in an apartment building or office space. The intercom systems acts like any other systems on a local area network which allows for flexibility. In addition, intercoms can allows connect multiple location in different building for maximum reach. IP Intercoms are intercoms that are connected to a web based server that can be accessed anywhere via a computer or smart phone. These intercoms allow users to interact with a secure area from afar making it possible to control who gains access to a space without needing to come face to face or even be in the same region as a visitor. IP Intercoms takes all of the common features of an intercom ie the ability to gain access, the ability to restrict access, the ability to communicate and the ability to verify and identity with the added advantage of making this all conducted remotely.

Our Intercoms are designed and manufactured in Italy and we offer the BTicino audio and video intercoms to suit all applications and budgets.