Apollotek offers security system solutions for businesses and commercial properties. With our help, you can protect your employees and clients, your property and your profits.

With an advanced security system installed, you can focus on other aspects of your business, maximizing your potential for growth. We designs security solutions that are completely unique and they can meet all of your security requirements and budget.


We offer a complete range of security system planning and design services, which begin with an initial consultation to discover more about your business and security needs. Once we have discussed this and agreed on a plan with you, we can install and maintain technology for flawless security.

We offer stand-alone security systems, or fully integrated systems, including access control, visitor management and an entry system for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, single offices, entire office / commercial buildings, and commercial spaces. Whatever your needs, we can deliver a solution most suited to your organisation.


Access control systems – Apollotek can provide several options for access control systems, including access cards or fobs, keypads, turnstiles, biometric solutions, and web-based access control systems. These technologically advanced solutions allow you to manage and remote control doors and sensitive areas, and even record entries and exits.

Security cameras and surveillance systems – We can install the most up-to-date security camera and video surveillance systems for security, monitoring, and for liability and insurance. We offer CCTV, digital video recordings (DVR) and network video recordings (NVR), as well as advanced technology which allows you to view your surveillance systems from your smartphone (with app), PC or tablet.

Door entry systems – Door entry systems are an integral part of your businesses security. We have several solutions available, including audio / video intercom systems, electronic locks, and remote control door entry which can be integrated with your access control system. Our solutions provide more security than traditional keyed entry.

Alarm systems – Alarm solutions from Apollotek feature alert systems and monitoring stations, to help to prevent forced-entry and burglary, and protect your business and the people within it. You can choose solutions with sensors, wireless links, control panels and keypads, and a central monitoring station.

Data cabling – We can provide data cabling services, to ensure safe and efficient transmission of data within and across your business. We use low voltage Cat-5 cables, giving you endless capacity for networking, data transmission, and audio and video usage. We can design and install your wiring and cabling infrastructure to enhance your voice and data networks, security, access control, and building management systems.


Apollotek is a premium choice for business security solutions and commercial building management in Melbourne. We utilise the latest technology, combined with our knowledge and expertise, to enhance your security and the functioning of your commercial space.


  • Initial consultation to ensure we understand your situation and requirements.

  • Site-specific design of commercial security solutions.

  • Perfect implementation of the planned design, and installation of the latest security technology.

  • Full maintenance and care after installation, as and when needed.

  • A guaranteed security solution grounded in our extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Peace of mind that your business is protected.

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