Car Park Management Solutions

Apollotek can supply and install vehicle counting and detection system. These systems can be applied in high rise, residential car parks, shopping centres, centre car parks, council restricted parking areas. The Car Park Management solutions utilises an Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) vehicle counting systems, vehicle guidance and signage upon entry and exit as well as any area that requires detailed reporting of automated vehicle counts and car park occupancy data without the need to manually download data.

The detectors gather the information on traffic movements in and around the car parks, and this data is transmitted back to the central parking guidance system. The data is subsequently used to determine the car park occupancy, and transmit this data back to the sign infrastructure for display to the public in real time.

Additionally, this car park count data is stored centrally on the parking guidance system, and can subsequently be used for statistical purposes. This provides valuable information to the car park operator on usage of individual facilities over time, and can be used to determine the parking strategy for a specific area, or, indeed how the individual floors of a multi-story car park can be allocated for different uses.

Core Features of the ALPR Services are:

  • High Visibility LED Signs

  • Signs can be custom made with artwork to suit site

  • Auto reset function to eliminate need to calibrate vehicle counts

  • Wireless communications to vehicle counting signs

  • Reporting of counts can be integrated into vehicle counting system

  • Re-use existing in ground loops for counting or install our TOF sensors

  • Count individual levels of multi-deck car parks to indicate availability on each level